Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Beginning To My March Madness

WOW! I can not believe that it is already the second week of March! Let me fill you in on all that's been happening thus far:

While preparing for workshop and getting all of my paperwork together, I got to make a trip to Chattanooga on March 6th and 7th. My directors, Rodney and Bobbie, and I spent time doing my hair and shopping for the upcoming week! We reviewed paperwork and talent information and got a lot accomplished! Saturday evening, Lacey Alford, Miss Metropolitan, and I performed for a Chattanooga Cares fundraising event! It was a blast to spend time together and perform for the benefit! Chattanooga Cares is also hosting the 15th Annual Strides of March AIDS Walk on Sunday, March 28th and I'm really looking forward to participating and hopefully recruiting some friends as well! (Hint, Hint, if anyone is interested :)

This past week was full of paperwork perfecting and workshop preparation. After work on Friday night, Kaley Schwab, Miss Scenic City, and I were fortunate to make the drive to Jackson together and I am so thankful for her company! Workshop was AMAZING! It was great to meet the other contestants, make new friends, and visit with those I haven't seen in awhile! After lunch, we played the Lottery to determine our contestant numbers! I was pulled third! I was thrilled to be able to choose the placement I was hoping for and I am proud to be in Group A as your contestant #10!

After workshop, was the TOT Pageants! WHAT AN INCREDIBLE NIGHT OF TALENTS! Each contestant was so impressive and the talent's in the Outstanding Teen Competition were phenomenal! There was singing, dancing, piano, and twirling! If that wasn't enough to be blown away, there wasn't one evening gown I didn't love! They really worked hard and deserve so much praise and congratulations! But even more congratulations to our new Teen Queens:

**Miss Tennessee Teen Princess: Channing Simmons**

**Miss Tennessee Outstanding Teen: Maggie Belew**

They both performed beautifully and I can't wait to watch Maggie Belew twirl at America's Outstanding Teen Pageant! She will make Tennessee so proud! And Channing Simmons is the perfect successor to sweet Savannah Ivey! I can't wait to watch both of their accomplishments throughout the year!

Thank you to Emily Anne, Ellen, Ms. Tammy, Lacey, Kaley, Rodney and Bobbie for such a memorable weekend! It was a perfect end to the week and I can't wait to all be back together again!!

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